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Organ Care System

OCS with Heart

Organ Care System
Key System Functions

  • Physiological Monitoring
  • Blood Oxygenation
  • Warming
  • Pulsatile Flow

OCS Heart

OCS Heart Now Available

OCS Lung

OCS Lung Now Available

What is the TransMedics™ Organ Care System?

TransMedics has developed the world's first commercial, portable, warm blood perfusion system that allows a new type of organ transplant, called a living organ transplant. This new technology, called an Organ Care System, is designed to maintain organs in a warm, functioning state outside of the body to optimize their health and allow continuous clinical evaluation. Hearts beat, lungs breathe, kidneys produce urine, livers produce bile.

Through the use of proprietary technology, the Organ Care System is designed to:

  • Increase the amount of time that an organ can be maintained outside the body in a condition suitable for transplantation by reducing time dependent ischemic injury
  • Provide surgeons the opportunity to assess the function of the organ outside the body
  • Enable resuscitation of the organ and potentially improve function after removal from donor

TransMedics has developed the Organ Care System based on the company's warm blood perfusion technology.

The product contains novel technologies that simulate the conditions of the human body and allow the organ to function as it normally does. The system integrates a compact wireless monitor, an organ specific perfusion module, and proprietary solutions for organ maintenance.

Donor blood is used, and the system provides for blood oxygenation and flow from an internal gas supply and pulsatile pumping system. TransMedics' proprietary solution is infused to replenish depleted nutrients and other necessary substrates in the blood. The system warms the organ as necessary, maintains humidity, and protects the organ from contamination. The system enables full functional, biochemical and metabolic assessment of the organ. In addition, the system may enable the utilization of organs that are currently not used due to the limitation of the existing preservation method, by allowing the transplant surgeon the time to potentially resuscitate the organ ex vivo to build up its energy stores, optimize its function and perform full viability assessment prior to transplantation. We believe that the OCS potentially offers substantial benefits to patients, physicians and third party payors, including:

  • Improved patient outcomes;
  • Increased utilization of available organs;
  • Expanded supply of organs; and
  • Reduced total cost of care.

US: Caution—Investigational Device. Limited by Federal Law to investigational use.

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