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OCS™ Lung is designed to
Increase Transplant Volume

Potential to Double the Number of Lung Transplants

With the OCS, surgeons may now increase the number of lungs they accept for transplant without compromising patient outcomes.

  • Recover and Preserve More Lungs with Portable Perfusion and Ventilation: By perfusing and recruiting lungs immediately after harvest and throughout the retreival run, the OCS maintains the organ in a near-physiological state. Doing so could allow surgeons to preserve acceptable lungs over longer distances. This technology could also provide the potential to convert some initially unacceptable lungs into organs suitable for transplant, and its use for expanded criteria lungs is currently being studied as part of the EXPAND Lung clinical trial.

  • Accept More Lungs with Ex-Vivo Monitoring: With automated ex-vivo monitoring capabilities, the OCS enables surgeons to assess the lungs at the donor hospital and confirm lung function and quality prior to transplant.

Together these new capabilities may make it possible to increase the number of transplant procedures a center can perform without relying on an increase in the organ donation rate.

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