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How the OCS Heart Can Help

A Breakthrough in Heart Preservation

The World's Only Portable Heart Perfusion System

Surgeons around the world are coming to realize that the way they currently preserve organs, on ice in a cooler, could be significantly improved. These leaders in transplantation sciences are embracing the OCS™ Heart.

The OCS™ Heart, a portable perfusion and monitoring system, delivers warm, oxygenated, nutrient-enriched blood to the donor heart and keeps it in a living state until the organ is ready to be transplanted. The technology allows surgeons to preserve more organs, go farther distances to obtain organs, and monitor the status of the organs from harvest to transplant. With the OCS Heart, surgeons may

  • Transplant more hearts

  • Deliver improved patient care

Watch the video below to hear why UCLA believes the OCS Heart could revolutionize heart transplantation.

OCS Heart is Designed to
Overcome Challenges

Donor heart supported
on OCS™ Heart

OCS™ Heart patient and husband enjoy the outdoors

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